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Welcome 2020 artists

Let me introduce you to the 2020 Artists. We are excited to welcome back returning artists and the new artists joining us.  We will update this page after each of our jury sessions and new artists are approved and scheduled. Interested in becoming part of our Cottage Community see the Artist Page for the application.

About our artists


Laurel Wilson, Water Color Painter

 As a lifelong artist, Laurel Wilson has used drawing and painting as a means of expressing herself and communicating with others in a quiet but powerful way. Her interest in history and preserving the environment is documented in watercolor paintings known for their intricate detail, balance, color, unique subjects, and calming moods. She prefers doing landscapes, seascapes and close-up views of natural subjects like shells, pebbles or beach drift she finds while hiking or kayaking her Cape Cod home. She especially loves the transparency, fluidity, and challenge of watercolors and the way layering and glazing can add both saturated color and mood. Conscious of using the best of materials, she works on Arches Cold Pressed paper with Windsor Newton artist grade watercolors and frames her work carefully.

Educated in art history, painting and design at Mount Holyoke College and Oberlin, Laurel has worked for both the Smithsonian and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as an art conservator and has taught art history at Alfred University. She uses that background when she paints. She works inside from her own photographs and sketches made while "exploring" her home or traveling. As an award-winning Master Artist at the Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable, a partner in Eastwind Gallery in Orleans, and a artist member of the Chatham Creative Arts Center and the Yarmouth and Plymouth art guilds, she is busy with year round shows and exhibits both locally and across the United States. She has shown at the Festival of Arts in Chatham each August for the past thirty-nine years. She loves meeting and connecting with people who like her work.  


Contact Information

Website: laurelwilsonwatercolors.com
Email: laurwils@comcast.net 


Joyce Zavorskas, Plein Air Oil Painter

The natural world is a sanctuary, a place to breath wind and think and feel undistracted at last. To paint on location is to create portraits of these familiar places, where ocean meets land, where hill meets sky.

The recipient of numerous awards, Joyce Zavorskas has exhibited in London, Paris, New York, California and Cape Cod and Islands. Zavorskas has taught for 38 years at local museums and art centers, including PAAM, Castle Hill, Touchstone, Simmons College, Bridgewater State University and Cape Cod Community College. She holds three university degrees, including an MFA in Painting/Printmaking from MassArt, during which she studied with Michael Mazur, Peik Larsen, and Joel Janowitz. Independent painting studies with Lois Griffel, Don Stone, Skip Whitcomb, Charles Sovek, Joe McGurl, Don Demers, Daniel Keyes, and Joe Pacquet, among others, contributed valuable and lasting inspiration. 


Contact Information

Website: joycezavorkas.com
Email: zavorjoyce@gmail.com 


Anna Cardito, Acrylic and Oil Painter -

 Having been born in Sicily, Italy,  Anna Cardito was surrounded by much beauty, whether it was walking through fields of wild flowers with colors so vibrant, or visiting antiquities in nearby towns or even listening to her Dad’’s operas. It was as a young child that she learned to love the beauty of nature.

Anna’s medium is acrylics and oils and she loves to paint the abundant and beautiful landscapes of Cape Cod but enjoys exploring other subjects as well. Especially for landscapes, she takes inspiration from the scene to capture its mood as she sees it. 

Some of her paintings, along with other artists’ works, have been exhibited both in Orleans and Sarasota. Anna enjoys the camaraderie when working with other artists and looks forward to helping members of the public enjoy her work 


Contact Information

Facebook: Anna Cardito Art
Email: amcardito8@gmail.com 


Karen Seidewand, Cape Seas Scapes

Karen Seidewand, CapeScape Art, is resident of Chatham for 22 years. 

Received a BA on English and Fine Art at St. Michael’s College, Winooski, VT. Owner of the Gallery CapeScape Art 1281 Main Street, Chatham.  Love painting an ocean backdrop and creating the iconic shape of the Cape with all types of shells, rocks, sea glass, jewelry and other treasures. Also, my Cape Cod wooden flags in all colors with Starfish stars. 


Contact Information

Email: kseidewand@comcast.net 
Facebook: Karen Seidewand
Instagram: Capescapeart
Phone: 508-237-5720  


Kristen Dennison, Good Land Pottery

I have been working as a potter for over 20 years now.  I started out as an apprentice with several master potters on Cape Cod and continued my education through college.  In 2012 I moved to Maine with my family where I have been able to set up an amazing studio, Good Land Pottery,  and fully immerse myself into my work as a full time potter.  I sell at many different shows and galleries throughout New England.   

I work almost strictly with in high fired stoneware Clay. I chose this clay because of the earthy character and durability it lends to each piece.   Most of my work is thrown on the wheel but I will occasionally dabble with a bit of hand building or sculpting.   My glaze palette is heavily influenced by my surroundings, the ocean and beaches of Cape Cod where I grew up as well as the mountains and forests of Maine where I love to explore.

My intention is to make beautiful, comfortable pots suited to both everyday use and special occasions.  All of my pots are food, microwave and dishwasher safe as well as oven safe (preheat in a cold oven). 


Contact Information

Web: goodlandpottery.com
Facebook: Good Land Studios
Instagram: @GoodLandPottery
Etsy: GoodLandPottery.etsy.com
Email: GoodLandPottery@yahoo.com 


Beverley Roberts, Mijiza Images - Fine Fabric Art

Beverley Roberts, owner, artist, designer of Mijiza Images Mijiza means "she works with her hands”.

Mijiza Images is the creative outlet which weaves together my feel for texture and color, flowing into pattern, design, and structure. I have been working with a variety of natural and manmade fibers for over 30 years creating wearable art. My preferred fabrics are 100% cotton & 100% silk.  Each of my pieces are handmade with freestyle artwork using a variety of natural eco-friendly pigments.   I am forever inspired every day by the breathtaking vistas of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I am blessed to call home.


Contact Information

Website: mijizaimages.com
Email: beverley@mijizaimages.com 


Pat Schomer, Painter

The vibrant colors of the pure pigments in Pat's pastel and oil paintings offer a fresh, bright look at our peaceful dunes, beautiful beaches, and street scenes as  well as some of the livelier local spots on the Outer Cape.

Pat lives year 'round in Eastham where she works in her studio.   She is inspired by the light and atmosphere so unique to Cape Cod. Her original paintings, quality prints and note cards offer a variety of ways to enjoy her work .

Pat has previously enjoyed living and painting on St John, USVI , where she continues to visit often , capturing that same spirit and love of color. Her work can be seen at Fresh Brook Gallery in Wellfleet, and at several shops and galleries on St John. 


Contact Information

Facebook: Pat Kase Schomer
Email: patschomer@gmail.com 


Tina Gagnon

Nature & Nostalgia – those are the subjects that I am, pardon the pun, drawn to. I am a hyper-realistic artist and the “devil is in the details” – the more details, the better. The medium of colored pencil affords me the ability to hone in on that aspect. Nature has so many nuances to them that detail is imperative to capture the essence of a living being, whether it is flower or animal. Nostalgia also lends its self to detail. The more detail, the more the image will come alive for the viewer – evoking their own memories attached to that particular object in the drawing.

After choosing what I will draw, I lightly sketch out an outline of my subject. I start by coloring light to dark. Building up the color in light layers, building up and building up until the color “pops”. This is usually accomplished in five to six layers of color. When you think that the piece looks “dull”, keep building – and it will come alive. I will work on one area of the drawing and finish that area before moving onto the next, establishing technique for the rest of the piece to follow.

Patience, is the key to my art. Most pieces I spend about an
hour per square inch. More complex pieces can be twice that time.
It is not uncommon for a piece to have more than one hundred hours
put into it. 


Contact Information

Website: tinagagnon.com
Facebook: facebook.com/tinasgagnon
Email: spectbus@aol.com 


Allie Richards

  "Allie is a professional photographer specializing in landscape, travel, and wedding photography. She creates vibrant landscape images using various techniques, and is known for printing on metal. She is also an instructor and partner of BlueHour Photo Ventures, a photo workshop and tour company operating across New England, The U.S. and abroad. She is self-taught, and has been photographing since age 13. Photography has taken her to places like Iceland, Norway, The Faroe Islands, across Europe and the United States. She loves exploring her environment through a lens, and that photography has given her vast opportunities to explore. You can view her work at www.allierichards.com"

Contact Information

Website: www.allierichards.com
Email: atrphoto31@gmail.com 


Tony Kirman


Tony Kirman is a Fine Art Photographer and Artist who moved to the Cape in 2017 after 30 years in New York City. He has had four shows at Soho Photographer's Gallery in NYC.

Tony is inspired by the unique light on the Cape and the effects of wind and tides on the land.  He uses all kinds of camera, charcoal, pastels and watercolors and then makes limited edition prints with pigment ink on archival paper. 

Contact Information

Website: los.org
Email: tony@los.org


Cassandra Guidess

 Cassandra's lifelong fascination with art, and painting in particular, has led to decades of self-study via observation, reading and instruction by renowned painters on Cape Cod and in Connecticut. Painting in oil or acrylic, Cassandra is an award winning painter whose work has shown in juried shows in Connecticut and on Cape Cod and whose work may be found in private collections throughout the United States. Cassandra currently shows with the Crescent Gallery in Thomaston, CT, and Reciprocity in Harwich Port, MA.

Contact Information

Website: csguidessfineart.com
Facebook: Cassandra Guidess
Email: csguidess@att.net
Phone: 203.592.8066


Joanne Wedge

Joanne Wedge has always enjoyed creating handmade wonders.

Chain Maille weaving is the culmination of a lifetime of creating handmade wonders for Joanne Wedge. As a young girl she learned embroidery and knitting from her Grandmothers, and sewing everything from a skirt to a 3-piece suit from her Mother. Throughout, there was a love of jewelry. Once retired, Joanne’s life-long passion for jewelry led to learning the art of creating jewelry. Joanne's Jewels was launched in 2013. As with most small business owners, Joanne’s repertoire grew and changed until finally finding her true passion in the art of Chain Maille weaving. 

Chain Maille weaving dates back to at least the 4th century BC, when it was used to make protective body armor. It is the art of carefully linking small metal rings together to form a mesh or pattern. Today, handmade Chain Mailling most often results in the creation of a beautiful piece of jewelry or other piece of apparel or art.  The rings are made from a variety of metals, among them: silver, gold, stainless steel, anodized and bright aluminum and titanium. Swarovski crystals, hand blown glass, pearls, sea glass, and other components may be incorporated to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces. The potential is only limited by the imagination of the creator.

Joanne’s pieces have been shown in several area stores in MA and CT.

Contact Information

Website: joannesjewels.com
Email: josjewels04@gmail.com
Facebook: Joanne’s Jewels
Instagram: joannesjewels


Michelle Colletti-Singleton

Profile to be added.

Contact Information

Website: capecodlandshark

Facebook: capecodlandshark
Instagram: #capecodlandshark

EMail: collettidesign@gmail.com


Emily Hutchinson

Profile to be added.

Contact Information

Website: capecodlandshark

Facebook: EJArtistry
Instagram: EJArtistry

EMail: ejartistry22@gmail.com

Etsy: ej.artistry22


Marissa Marvel


Marissa Marvel is an abstract artist from Norton, MA. She began painting as a child and has since continued expressing herself throughout her art. She minored in fine art in college and spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy exploring her interests. She discovered her love for abstraction in the winter of 2017. Since then, she has focused her creativity into fluid painting. Her colorful paintings are inspired by world travel. They feel familiar, yet far away. The power of the ocean and the vast beauty of mountain skies manifest themselves in her tranquil imagery.

Contact Information

Facebook: wildcanvasdesign
Instagram: @wildcanvasdesign

EMail: mmarvel@wildcanvasdesign.com

Etsy: wildcanvasdesign.etsy.com


Irene Lynch

 Irene Lynch’s artwork reflects her lifetime spent soaking in the unmatched beauty, charm, and inspiration of home, Cape Cod. In her final year at University of Massachusetts of Amherst, she found herself gravitating toward familiar landscapes when creating paintings. Inspired by the art and techniques she has observed on her many travels worldwide, Irene has developed her own style that captures the essence of her home.

The portability of her watercolor and ink pen have allowed Irene to continue her creative studies and grow her portfolio throughout her travels; but her favorite place to paint is while relaxing in the summer sun on her favorite Cape Cod beaches.

Irene combines a painterly application of watercolor which she details with pen to create a more illustrative approach to Cape Cod landscapes. Her paintings welcome viewers to enter her scenes and relive their favorite narratives attached to the subject. Irene’s paintings have been given a greater depth through the many stories and moments that resonate with viewers. Irene paints from her heart to reach yours.

Irene was featured in Cape Cod Life’s 2018 edition of Emerging Artists.

Contact Information


Website: irenelynchart.com
Instagram: @irenelynchart

EMail: irenelynch2016@gmail.com