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Acqua Divine

Artist Statement
I have a curious and adventurous spirit that took me from New England, to California, and on to Mexico before returning to the east coast, and to my roots. Each place made an imprint on me and added layers to my experience much like the elements that make up my jewelry and collage.
Cape Cod is now my home and the natural beauty of this place and the people who live here continue to nourish and inspire me to bring evermore beauty into this world. A hug from a friend, my daughter's smile, the clouds in the sky all move through me, through my hands and heart and are expressed in my art.
My jewelry is a product of my connection to nature. Each piece is crafted with carefully selected semi-precious gemstones which are energetic treasures from the earth. Gemstones are known to protect and empower and the use of them in armor and adornment is evident in many ancient cultures. All of my designs are beautiful and potent and originate from my profound desire to uplift and heal my customers!!
My collage work is visual storytelling. Most of the themes that I touch upon are reflections of being human, "Unconditional Love", Nurturing", "Abundance", "Integrity", "Stillness". They are spiritual, inquisitive, stirring, and relatable.
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11/24 - 11/25

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