Kathy Trombly

Artist Statement
I was in my fifties when I got reacquainted with painting. It began while touring art schools with my daughter, wandering through studios and messy, creative spaces filled with paint and metal and clay, and all kinds of tools, brushes, paper and rags. Basically, I wanted to go to art school! I wondered if I still had any of the artistic abilities that I had when I was much younger.  I began exploring with watercolor and I was immediately captivated by it.
A few courses at the New Hampshire Institute of Art have helped me on my path, and my prior degree in graphic design gave me a foundation from which to build. I now work with both watercolor and acrylics and have experimented with encaustics as well. My subject matter varies, but landscape, seashore and nautical themes are definitely a favorite, The Cape with all its rugged beauty hold so much inspriation for art and has been a favorite destination since my childhood.
I am a member of the Greater Salem Artist Association and show my work in and around Southern New Hampshire.
Art Cottage Schedule

9/30 - 10/1
10/9 - 10/9

Cottage #3
Cottage #3
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