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Beth Bourque

Artist Statement
Largely self-taught, Beth enjoys capturing the dynamic and changing light of early morning and late day-especially on Cape Cod. Her goal is to create an image that mirrors how she felt when she captured that shot. She prefers large format images and prints primarily on metallic and aluminum with acrylic overlay. This medium gives a vibrancy that enhances the images even more. She has been mentored by numerous photography groups in NJ and Mass. and has exhibited in the Greater Boston area and on Cape Cod. Her work can be found in restaurants on the Cape as well as in numerous private homes in New England. Her work is enjoyed on a wide range of products: Large scale images nonmetal and acrylic, traditional prints, note cards and ceramic tiler coasters.
Art Cottage Schedule

9/30 - 10/1

Cottage #5
Contact Information
Phone: 978-835-8585