Robin Wessman

Artist Statement
Oil paintings in the realist tradition including seascapes, landscapes and still life. 
Robin is a formally trained painter working in the realist tradition with a Master in Fine Arts from Ohio University.  His paintings have a classic representational approach with a focus on composition, form and atmosphere. The exploration of light whether outdoors or in a controlled setting is a constant source of inspiration for his paintings which are also fueled by imagination, experience and continuous development. For his seascapes and landscapes, he is drawn to scenes along the New England coast where he developed a strong affection for the beauty and diversity of life along the ocean’s edge. His paintings originate outdoors where he can work quickly to capture the spirit of the scene as it inspired him and record as much as possible of the experience on canvas. Robin's approach to still life is a bit different as he looks for objects that have the potential to go beyond the obvious and inspire viewers to see more than an accurate depiction things. His ultimate desire is to push technical craftsmanship and create images that make some emotional or intellectual connection with the viewer.  
Art Cottage Schedule

7/19 - 7/30

Cottage #8
Contact Information
Facebook: wessmanart