Elisabeth Kelly

Artist Statement
On his second voyage to the new world, my Mayflower ancestor Stephen Hopkins settled here on Cape Cod, and I have inherited that sense of travel and home. My passion for photography and experience with illustration have merged to tell many stories through my images. Our home for 11 generations, my family is aware how special the Cape is and I love sharing that feeling through my artwork. 
I am excited to share the spark of recognition and memories recalled when experiencing my images. They can bring ONE back to a simpler and easier time; so personal and intimate that each glimpse will bring one closer into a new, yet familiar, world.
     My collection is a daily reminder of our true priorities and what may be missing from our lives. They also may make you smile. (and for a different reason each time.)
     Just as there are many ingredients to a recipe, the same holds true with my images and developing techniques. This multimedia process begins with an idea, which is given birth through a camera lens. Mixed media is used to enhance some images while simple black and white or sepia tones are used in others.
Art Cottage Schedule

8/30 - 9/4
9/9 - 9/10

Cottage #5
Cottage #5
Contact Information
Website: capecardart.com
Email: kellyelisabeth50@gmail.com
Phone: 508.237.6297
Easy: capecodmemories2save