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Sarah Miller

Artist Statement
I create stained glass inspired by the Cape and all its elements.  In my artwork I use pressed flowers, Cape Cod sand and shells, grasses, and other found objects to make each piece unique and true to Cape Cod.  Once I comb the beaches, I go back to my studio and begin cutting glass and tediously wrapping each piece with copper foil (Tiffany-style method) before soldering the pieces together.  Once soldered, I wipe and wash away residue and begin the patina process, after which another round of washing and wiping occurs.  I finish my artwork using my found items and then seal and clean the pieces again.  Every object is hand cut and soldered by me, and not one is the same as another.
I began my work with glass in 1998 while working at the Nauset House Inn in East Orleans.  I was taught by local artist Diane Johnson, and have been creating ever since and in between raising my two children and holding a full time position in the Nauset School District.
Art Cottage Schedule

6/3 - 6/4
8/9 - 8/13
9/23 - 9/24

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Contact Information
Phone: 508.367.9656