Kathleen Gavin

Artist Statement
Kathleen Gavin is a glass artist and long-time summer resident of the Narragansett Bay area
and Orleans. Originally working with stained glass design and the restoration of historic
windows for over 25 years, Kathleen is now focused on the process of glass fusing. She has
studied extensively with Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon.

In glass fusing, designs are cut, pieced and heated in a kiln to a liquid temperature. The glass is
then cooled very slowly over an extended period of time, causing the pieces to “fuse”
together. Glass can be returned to the kiln and heated again to a lower temperature, known as
“slumping”. This allows for the bending of glass to occur. A finished fused and slumped piece
has gone through many controlled temperature changes, allowing for a unique and beautiful
effect upon completion.

Kathleen’s work in glass at the Orleans Artist Cottages is inspired by the beauty of the changing
light, beaches and shoreline at Nauset.
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6/24 - 6/25
8/2 - 8/13
10/7 - 10/9

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Cottage #1
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